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We are NOT your average doula collective. We do not walk lightly on this path. We are here to shift the Black Maternal experience by creating a safe space to help families prepare for birth, celebrate the postpartum experience, and release fear, doubt, and expectation along the way.


Within our dynamic sisterhood, GODDESS BIRTH SISTERS LLC Is a group of professional Black women , offering a wealth of resources that surpass mere childbirth assistance; through affordable perinatal support & free comprehensive curriculum. Brace yourself, for our reach extends far and wide, surrounding vibrant community support!

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We, Goddess Birth Sisters, are a collective of traditional, indigenous, and holistic Birth Keepers. It is our intention to always respect and honor the ways of our ancestors.


Once our founder Holly Hallelujah completed her doula training, she swiftly recognized a pressing demand for quality & affordable birth education and resources in the marginalized Atlanta region. In response, she joined forces with birthworker Thomecia Busby to establish a platform that fosters a deeper understanding of birth advocacy and the profound bond of sisterhood. Thus, their journey commenced, attracting like-minded women who shared the belief that birth holds a spiritual significance beyond its physical aspects.

As a collective, we are here to educate, build community, and explore deeper understandings of the woman’s mind and body. We encourage and support families as a whole and are an exceptional resource in the Black Birthing community.


We firmly believe in healing the very core of a family, paving the way for optimal health and well-being for their precious children. From fertility and menstruation to birth, nutrition, and lactation, our extensive educational offerings provide a comprehensive foundation of knowledge.

But that's not all! We stand as a beacon of support for families with special needs children, and for those with a keen interest in homeschooling. Our services are dedicated to serving the diverse spectrum of Black and Brown families, advocating passionately for reproductive justice.

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Every donation helps us provide FREE resources, education, and events to the Birthing community.

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